How one little box can change the world!


COVID has sent the global economy into one of the worst financial crises in history. If YOU could eliminate 99.96% of potential viral threats, how would this change YOUR business potential during these difficult times?

How Does it Work?

We made a short video to make it easy…

Does it work on COVID?

Numerous studies show that ActivePure is the most comprehensive and powerful solution ever developed. Derived from NASA technology and used in the International Space Station, our test results are as follows:
More then 99,99% reduction after 60 min treatment on fungi, viruses, and bacteria:
MS2 bacteriophage RNA virus – 99.9999%
Phi-X147 bacteriophage DNA virus – 99.993%
Staphylococcus epidermidis Gram-positive bacteria – 99.9999%
Erwinia Herbicola Gram-negative bacteria – 99.999%
Aspergillus niger – over 99.99%
MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph) – over 99% reduction of microbes in 24 hours

Look who joined the team!

Dr. Birx is well known to have lead the Coronavirus Task Force for the White House. Learning about our product, she joined as Chief Scientific and Medical Advisor for ActivePure Technologies. We couldn’t be more proud!
Truth is, there are MANY products that claim to kill covid but have refused to submit themselves to the Level 4 FDA/CDC lab we did. They didn’t take the time and expense to submit to the FDA. We did BOTH. And the results are clear. It works and maintains 99.9999% effectiveness. 24/7!!

Who is Air Purity 

We are the authorized reseller of the Active Pure brand. We specialize in helping governments, schools and businesses internationally create safe and clean environments. We are a Texas Corporation with extensive experience in this space.
Here is a video explaining the technology from our founder.

ActivePure Creates purifying plasma (like the sun) and sends it to contaminants

There is no other solution like this in the world that is so fast, effective and affordable!

It moves at 1200 feet per second, like the smell of popcorn.

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Neutralizes contaminants and contaminants where other filtration technologies and systems cannot reach

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It is 100% backed and protected by patent # US8012412B2

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And extremely affordable at just $1499 each plus shipping/handling

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Get Started!

Our units are only available commercially through regional representatives.  If you are ready to get started, please contact the following:
USA/UAE/Australia:  Chris – 210-480-7738
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